Recipe for a nice nap: A beer and a whopping bbq turkey sandwich from Tommy’s Joynt followed by last night’s SFIAAFF film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, actually titled Syndromes and a Century.

We’d looked forward to a little excitement after our long day, but there was none to be had until we’d left the theater last night. We struggled through the first half of the film, which was plugged as a Buddhist love story, sans much dialogue or plot, meeting the questioning “can we leave yet?” glances of our generous friend (generous because he endured the film with us) every fifteen minutes or so.

And just when it seemed promising because the setting changed, we discovered we’d encountered a really dry version of Groundhog Day.” Once the very limited original dialogue began repeating itself, we realized we were listening to the same (still dry) conversation about the downfalls of a monk’s poultry diet again.

We’ll give Syndromes this, though – the film’s lighting and scenery were indeed at times dreamy and intriguing and certainly set the stage for a pleasant nap.

pssst! SFist Wendy...! SFist Wendy....! Time to wake up!