Muni drivers, caught on tape! Again! This time, the driver doesn't come off quite so sympathetically.

We caught the 33 home last night after hanging out at a high school cafeteria, and what's this? Not only is driver 1870 flirting with a friend, but she's perched on his headrest and fussing around in his little driver's nook? Our Lois Lane instincts taking over, we whipped out our phone, turned off the backlight so we'd be less conspicuous, and pretended to be chatting away on it while videotaping the affectionate couple.

At first, we felt kind of bad about it, but then we heard the lady ask, "what'll you tell your wife?" And the driver replied, "I'll tell her you were at work," and then suddenly we were less John Stossel and more Joey Greco. (But would that make these people actors? Maybe that metaphor doesn't work.) Anyway, let this be a lesson to us all -- if you're riding Muni, bring a camera and don't be afraid to document what you see. We all have opinions about the service, but if you don't get pix or screengrabs, it didn't happen.

Twenty minutes after we boarded, we disembarked with a phonefull of footage and THE STORY OF THE CENTURY. Extry! Extry! Lady stands unusually close to bus driver! Muni personal-space calamity! Stop the press0rz!