In all seriousness, thank you guys for keeping the conversation in the comments relatively civil (snarky, but civil -- our favorite!). We always knew our readers and commenters were the best and this just goes to prove that. Look. we even made you guys a t-shirt!

A quick recap for those of you just tuning in: Our first post ("Not a Girl's Kind of Girl"), Jennifer Siebel's comment in response, all the comments in response to Jennifer Siebel, our next post ("Jennifer Siebel Online"), its comments, and yesterday's post ("The Girl Code"), and its comments. Oh, and here's the comment widely believed to be by Jennifer Siebel's PR agent friend.

So, for today's Siebel post-flogging, we thought we'd feature some of the comments we've found the most entertaining. Lots to choose from! (and we're not including all of the ones that made us snicker, just to encourage you to read the whole thread.)

Best Comment So Far: "Quick, quick! Somebody save meeeeeeeee! --a bee in a pool." Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

An explanation of the bee thing, and the other comments that jumped out at us in a brief scroll through all the action, after the jump!