So today, Gavin introduced a new campaign to stop littering. This time, the campaign will be mainly educational as that appears to be the problem. We don't understand why people wouldn't think littering is bad, but we were kids in the early '70's and had a bunch of long-haired hippie teachers tell us that littering is bad, mmmmkay, in between the playing of Judy Collins' songs. Just walking to our car this morning, we saw a bag of chips lying on the street and it occured to us that as there was a garbage can a few feet away, why didn't somebody just dump it into the garbage can since the idea behind garbage can is that's where you put garbage.

Gavin's earlier campaign actually did work in some ways in that the amount of citations given out went up and the city picked up more trash than ever. There was even the establishement of "neighborhood ambassadors" whose job it was to sweep up streets and to alert the authorities whenever they saw an issue. It's just that as hard as the city tried, it wasn't enough.