But as we continue to search for the perfect pizza true to our east coast roots (our hearts belong to New Haven, CT brick ovens), we are happy to report that what we’ve found here in the Eastern Bay is much better than we expected. Certainly better than some of the latest thin crust impostor pizzas in the city (that’s right, we said it. Sorry Little Star, but you are over-hyped).

First up - Cheeseboard: Anytime we mention our new move to Berkeley, someone asks us if we’ve tried Cheeseboard yet. People are crazy about Cheeseboard out here, a little enclave in North Berkeley on Shattuck. It’s a worker-owned collective, so you can feel socially-responsibly while you eat your slice.

But most important, is the pizza worth the love? And the answer is yes. Yes, Cheeseboard pizza is good. However, it’s pretty California in its taste and style, with quasi thin crust and ingredients like zucchinis, lemon zest or Bulgarian feta atop the pizzas.

And speaking of Bulgarian feta, Cheeseboard certainly does like their feta. The ‘Board -- open Tuesday- Saturday -- only offers one kind of pizza a day. Which means that if you also find that feta overpowers the rest of the pizza, then you need to plan carefully which day you go. This past week four out of the five pizzas had feta.

Let it be known, we have nothing against feta, goats or Bulgaria for that matter. But when it comes to The Cheeseboard…well, sometimes we’re just a little cheese-bored. (Oh how we make ourselves chuckle.)

But all and all- Cheeseboard is good stuff.

By Jessie, contributing