You think Gavin Newsom'll shave off all his hair next, just like rehabbing Britney Spears?

Okay, so where were we the last time we checked in with the Ruby Rippey-Tourk sick leave investigations? So the mayor's office and the Tourk family spokesman were taking the position that Rippey-Tourk got the city to cover her salary as paid sick leave during the time she was in rehab through the city's catastrophic-leave program, where people can donate sick leave to co-workers who need to take time off to take care of themselves or their families.

Well, today, Supervisor Tom Ammiano told the Chron that while he doesn't mean to trivialize the impact of alcohol abuse, the catastrophic leave program in question (which he helped create) is only meant to cover people who are dealing with "a life-threatening illness or injury" as determined by the city's public health officials, and not for a rehab program. Uh oh.

Explanations, Dan Noyes, and a possible Board of Supes hearing on the issue after the jump. And also, check out the street art we saw in the window of the Balazo art gallery right by Weird Fish on 18th and Mission this morning!