We've learned so much about mayoral communications director Peter Ragone from this article in the Sunday Chron! Since it's a Sunday (and there's no Swells today), we're naturally giving it the SFist By The Numbers treatment.

Peter Ragone's generational suffix: III. Other Peter the Thirds we found in history include: a remarkably unpopular Russian tsar and a king of Portugal who married his own niece.

Ragone's salary: $118,468. The article didn't say how much sick leave he's entitled to.

Number of unsuccessful political candidates for whom Ragone has worked: 3 -- Andrew Cuomo's failed run for New York governor, Gore's ill-fated 2000 run, and Gray Davis's failed run against the recall.

Number of posts Ragone made on SFist from his confirmed IP address: 15: 7 under the name "Peter," 7 under the name "John Nelson," and 1 under the name "Jonell."

Number of confirmed fake posts on ABC 7's blog: 2.

Number of people Ragone's implicated as lying: 2 -- himself and Gavin Newsom. Aaron Peskin says, "It is astounding to me that this mayor would allow this gentleman to continue to serve in the position of press secretary now that Ragone, on the one hand, has said he is a liar and, on the other hand, has admitted the mayor is a liar."

Picture of Ragone and Newsom by SFist Jackson. More numbers after the jump!