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Frantic woman: "Where do I get parking validated? Who do I give this to? How am I supposed to do this?"
A flock of teenagers walk by. The woman jabs them with her ticket.
Frantic woman: "Do you work here? Can you take this?"
One boy calmly takes her ticket, puts it down his pants, and keeps walking.
--At the Fulton/Masonic Albertson's

One temp worker to another: "It's just that I think you look like Alec Baldwin, and that's what's been getting me through this day."
--From Chris

A late 30s-ish couple is walking with a small child down Haight.
Man: "I really want to get a tattoo between my balls and ass, but I'm afraid if the guy doesn't know what he's doing and fucks it up, I'll never have another orgasm."
--From J.

Dude on cellphone, walking like he's on a mission: "I'm bringing a boa."
--From Vivek/On O'Farrell between Leavenworth and TaylorA woman with grey hair and sandals is standing in the doorway, waving a ticket stub around.