Hey, you might be wondering, whatever happened to those nice young boys from Yale who got pummeled by a few townies for singing the National Anthem all acapella style? Well, the answer would be nothing yet. Other than our city making ourselves that much more of an embarrassment.

See, what happened is that we kind of sent a bill to one of the families involved for the ambulance ride over to the hospital. A bill of $745. Guess who's not very thrilled with our city right now? If you guessed the family in question, you would be correct. Let's see, your son goes to San Francisco, gets beat up, nobody is arrested, and you're out $745 for all your troubles.

Also in the news is that the families in question have sent a letter to the Marines about all of this? Why? Well, one of the kids involved, Marino Peradotto, is a member of an elite Marine anti-terrorism and he used all of his Marine training to kick the crap out of the Yalies, making the 415 safe from patriotic acapella groups. The problem with all of this isn't that he's a Marine, it's just that the police can't interview him because he's currently being stationed in Japan. Oopsie. Perdatto apparently also took photos of the aftermath and tried to destroy the photos when he realized he and his gang might be in a little bit of trouble. There's also rumors that two others involved in the attack were Marines too.