First off. Alcoholism is a serious problem and we hope Gavin Newsom (.pdf) gets help and support.

Second of all. Blue tie alert! (see picture from this afternoon at right.)

We're tag-teaming in for an exhausted Editor SFist Jon, who's taking a much-needed break from his nonstop Gavin news coverage this week, to give you the latest in Newsom news around the web.

--Gavin will be getting counseling from Mimi Silbert, the head of the Delancey Street Foundation -- though it sounds like as of now, they're not entirely sure how it's going to work. Update: The Chron's updated its original story, and now includes more anecdotes about how Newsom told his staff about his problem, a listing of the times that Newsom was seen drunk in public previously, and Newsom's blowup at the media for taking his picture this afternoon.

--The Board of Supes moratorium on attacking Newsom is now off: Jake McGoldrick calls for Newsom to resign ("What he has been trying to do in portraying himself as the victim is totally Machiavellian"), Ed Jew says he's "shocked" by all the revelations and calls for "an executive who can do the job," and Chris Daly asks, "Is Gavin Newsom capable right now of attending to the very important business of the city?" On the pro-Newsom side, Michela Alioto-Pier called Newsom "courageous," and Sean Elsbernd wishes Newsom the best, but wants to know exactly how much time the mayor expects to be spending in counseling.

Update: This story is updated as well, with more comments from other supervisors and local politicians. McGoldrick now also says he thinks others will call for Newsom to step down as well, saying "I didn't come here to be mildewed with caution in a corner." What does that even mean?

Other local media, bloggers, and chatboarders: Mildew with caution in a corner with us, after the jump!