First the news: it's sounding like the police are trying to send the case up to the DA and the DA is pushing it back to the police. Which means nothing is happening as of yet.

Now onto the juicy stuff.

Ken Carcia's column today is pretty interesting in that we think he got leaked a bunch of stuff from either the defendant or the defendant's lawyer in that it goes against everything we've been hearing up till now. His big claim is that despite claims by the people who threw the party and the Yalie's, there was plenty of alcohol involved. In fact, the whole thing started over an argument over a beer (we've seen those kind of arguments before). There was so much alcohol, in fact, that the Yalies were afraid to call the cops lest they get busted by the cops and are afraid to tell the investigators anything because it might get them in trouble with authorities over at Yale for drinking. Garcia also claims that Aziz Jr. got into Rich Aicardi's grill and told him that he's got more of his boys at the party than Rich did which is why Rich called his brother for help-- the infamous "I'm 20-deep. My boys are coming" call. When the fighting did start, it was more of a rumble than anything.

There's actually a lot more to the story, but we'll let you read the rest.

The ABC 7 I-Team, which has been all over this case (seriously, mad props), however, has a different account, from Hunter Fairman, the 20 year old girl who hosted the party. She pretty much corroborates what the Yalies have been saying, that it started because Aicardi thought the whole thing was "gay" and that the Bakers Dozen group didn't want to get into a fight and got jumped for their effort. Her father, Marc Fairman, backs up her story and says that despite police claims, at least four members of the choral group were there when the cops showed up.

As for Carroll, he mainly just reiterates that it's a small town and pretty in-bred but we already knew that. The main gist of the article is to basically say don't believe anything anybody claims. He also attempts to give name the thing himself and we think it's pretty good-- Gleegate. So we'll think we'll call it that for now.