First up, the cops. After the fracas, they detained four of the assailants but let them go. As of right now, nobody has been arrested as police are saying they're still collecting evidence. They also didn't take pictures, although people at the party did. None of this is standard police practice which is why people are thinking they might be protecting the assailant Rich Aicardi's family.

Meanwhile, the deal is big enough that the President of Yale weighed in to say he was "shocked" by all of this and members of the choir's families have hired the lawfirm of Gonzalez & Leigh. Matier & Ross also go on to say that even though the kids have to come back and deal with it, most of them are really scared of coming back.

Now the people involved, mainly the people hosting the party. This wasn't your standard couple, they're people both with connections to the SFPD. The couple were Reno Rapagnani, a retired SFPD lawyer, and his wife, Leanna Dawydiak. Dawydiak is a decorated San Francisco Police officer and was Commissioner on the San Francisco Delinquency Prevention Commission amongst other things. In other words, she's a slightly big fish. She also ran for the Board of Supervisors in 2004. As for Rapagnani, he at various times worked on the bomb squad and was one of Art Agnos' bodyguards. He was awarded seven medals of valor.

Their big claim to fame, however, was during FaijitaGate. During the investigation, the two of them went public accusing the police department of withholding certain things to investigators. At the same time, a memo was leaked to the press that made the SFPD look bad and the SFPD tried to crack down on whoever was leaking the memos, in somewhat questionable ways and accused Dawydiak and Rapagnini of leaking the memos in something someone called as a “witch hunt.” Both sued to try and clear their names, which they were. Still, what happened to them is reverberating around as the police were caught doing all sorts of things they shouldn't have done and nobody seems to care.

Now all of this could mean something. All of this could mean nothing-- sometimes a coincidence is a coincidence. As we said, it's a small city. Still, we don't think this story is going to die down anytime soon.