So many crime stories of note today that we're running an off-cycle SFist Blotter!

A casual carpool driver from Hercules was carjacked this morning. She picked up the usual crew of city-bound commuters at San Pablo Road in Hercules, drove to Fremont and Mission without incident, and then after she let everyone else out of the car, the carjacker got back in, told her to drive to Richmond, hit her in the face, asked for her purse, and told her he had a bomb (though she didn't believe the bomb part). She drove a few blocks, pretended she was lost downtown, and then jumped out of the car (with her purse). The carjacker was described as between 28-30, 230 pounds, and wearing a blue knit cap and blue clothes; the SFPD, Richmond police, and Hercules police have been notified.

And finally, a PC World editor was killed and his wife (a nurse) pistol-whipped in their home in Pittsburg by four masked men. Based on evidence they found in the house, the Pittsburg police believe that the family was targeted because of their involvement in "the drug trade." The police declined to explain beyond that, or describe the drugs at issue. The staff at PC World described the editor as a fitness buff and rock-music enthusiast, and described him as a "consummate family man." The family's neighbors were also shocked to hear that the police were saying they were involved with drugs.