As we promised earlier, SFist MattyMatt was indeed on! NBC 11 News this evening -- in the sweet spot right before the weather! -- talking about his 33 MUNI bus video clip with the fare dodger that we featured as SFist's douche of the week. Thrilling!!! And here MattyMatt is on YouTube! (1:47.)

The other exciting things we noticed in the segment -- besides how totally adorable MattyMatt was on camera, of course -- was not only that we got a "courtesy SFist" credit on screen (!!!), but also that NBC discreetly blurred out the word "douche" in the original title of the post. Ha! (You can see it in the YouTube still shot above.)

Our SFist expert on all things TV, SFist Rain, kindly uploaded the clip to YouTube for us. Thanks, Rain!