If things felt a little different today here in the Golden State, it was only because due to California rules, Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamante took over as Governor for the two hours or so that the Governor went under. Unfortunately, we have no reports of him doing anything other than what Cruz Bustamante would normally be doing on a day like this (in other words, he didn't pull a Daly) but we hope, somewhere, Cruz was able to enjoy his couple hours of power. Maybe sit at the Gubernatorial desk, put the feet up and smoke one of Arnie's cigars. As for us, we can't but help say we fully enjoyed the Bustamante-era and consider it one of the high points of our life in California-- we blogged a little, we read a little, we got dressed, and we had lunch. Someday, maybe in a month or so, we might even get a little misty when we reminisce about something that could only be called the Good ole' days.

Image from Shieldsnet.org