Wolfgang's Vault is one of those online stores where you can order your vintage rock t-shirts and other cool stuff. 'Cause you know, nothing says cool like wearing tees for bands you've never heard of. Anyways, all the stuff, posters and whatnot, mainly come from Bill Graham related events as the guy behind the vault bought all this stuff from BGP a few years ago. And as anyone has seen those things all over the Warfield or Fillmore, they are pretty darn cool.

Now Wolfgang's been getting a lot of attention for streaming a lot of old concerts online. We're talking Led Zeppelin at the Fillmore West in '69 old (which we're listening to right now). Or Springsteen in '73 old. There's also Floyd (from 1970), Fleetwood Mac (1975), Santana, Hendrix, Aerosmith, and on and on. It's your veritable Boneyard listeners wet dream. It's pretty cool and there’s some pretty awesome stuff and yes, we're pretty old but who doesn't like getting the Led out every once in awhile? And for those who like their nostalgia more recent, there's also a Cure concert in there as well as the Clash and a Flock of Seagulls. Yep, a Flock of Seagulls.

So why are we bringing this up? Because it was all free and done without anyone's permission and so the site just got sued by a whole bunch of bands for streaming the stuff for free and without anyone's permission. Or more like allegedly streaming it for the exact purpose of luring people to buy the paraphernalia . Because for bands like Santana or the Dead or the Doors, that would be selling out.

Which all sounds very high and mighty and thanks for thinking of us, the poor consumer, for keeping us from getting suckered into buying a vintage Blood, Sweat and Tears t-shirt, but we all know the moment the guy who runs Wolfgang's Vault starts kicking in about a penny for each listen, all of those extremely image-conscious bands will take their lawsuit and drop it faster then the President did the advice of the Iraq Study Group.