Yesterday's Sunday's A Drag ($30+) brunch at Harry Denton's Starlight Room mainly filled us with cheer, laughter, and decent food and drink. Brunch with entertainment, emceed by Donna Sachet (pictured above)? Sign us up! Female impersonators/drag queens make us feel interested, excited, and curious. They are sometimes so sexy, we wonder how they pull it off. We usually smile a lot after seeing and interacting with them.

But the word drag took on an entirely new meaning when we arrived (on time) for our 1:30 p.m. seating. We had a reservation, but couldn't get the staff's attention for what felt like endless minutes. Our strategy was to position our smiling, cleavage baring selves close to the hostess podium. We tried to give off a friendly "help us, please" vibe. There were a good forty customers also in the podium/bar area, who all seemed to be enjoying their drinks while chatting and looking around. Ages ranged from mid twenties to mid sixties. The mood seemed full of anticipation, and we guessed that most folks may have been also wondering what the seating sitch was: when would we be seated and where. After ten minutes of being ignored by the bobbed, attractive female Icy Hostess and black gowned servers, we decided that while we were still excited for the brunch and show, this was a drag.