Also as part of the agreement, Google and NASA will be sharing information and knowledge and are even talking of co-habitating. According to a spokesman, all this will "soon allow every American to experience a virtual flight over the surface of the moon or through the canyons of Mars." And yes, that sound pretty cool. And when the aliens come, this time we'll totally be able to Google them. The truth can be Googled, after all.

Google and NASA (NAGLE? GOOSA?) have apparently been whispering sweet nothings for the past year after signing some sort of mutual appreciation fan letter. Since then, they have been working together on all sorts of technological things to which we totally don't understand.

And here’s some more tech news, news which might not have anything to do with the Bay Area (although once could argue that since it's about outer space and earth and as we live on earth it does) but is still pretty interesting nonetheless: the President is backing out of space treaties because, well, they don't do a good job of protecting us during space wars. Which, apparently, we are on the verge of having (awesome!). According to the Administration, other countries and "terrorists" are "acquiring capabilities to counter, attack and defeat U.S. space systems." We think the appropriate words to describe all this are "the hell?" We mean Osama lives in a cave somewhere in Pakistan, just what the kind of operation is he running? Is he building the Death Star somewhere off Jalalabad? Or maybe Kim Jong Il is building some sort of gigantic cannon on the moon and calling it "the Alan Parsons Project?".

Maybe we should just send Dick Cheney into outer space.