As you know, this correspondent is unabashedly in favor of this election season's Proposition I Question Time -- because we're in favor of anything that makes local politics entertaining! (We can discuss offline whether or not we thought it was a good idea when it was originally proposed, but given that it's out there now -- we're solidly pro!) We gotta have to write about -- it's like how political cartoonists all voted for Clinton because he was "fun to draw." Plus -- it'll be a good way to force Gavin to give us some information about what he's been doing.

Well, Gavin's announced (.pdf) that, despite the fact that 56% of the voters said they thought it'd be a good idea for him to suck it up and show up for a Question Time session or two, he's not going to do it.

He and mayoral minder Peter Ragone are taking the position that it's all orchestrated "political theater," and says they're just trying to avoid "partisan politics." Oh, like nothing Newsom does is political theater. And Gavin never engages in partisan politics.

So here's our first question for Gavin Newsom for Question Time -- Why not?

Picture of Gavin Newsom in front of an origami Christmas tree for the Rainbow Wish Fund, by rock star SFist Jim. More of our question time musings after the jump!