Stadium issues aren't just affecting Bay Area professional teams, but college teams too. There's a fight going on about renovating Cal's Memorial Stadium that's been going on for the past few months. And it's even taken an "Only in Berkeley" angle: to protest the planned cutting down of some Oak trees, activists went all Julia Butterfly Hill and camped out on them before the Big Game.

What's happening is that the University of California wants to redo part of the eastern side of the stadium stadium and build a $125 million dollar athletic field along with a new parking garage. None of this is going down well with the students. Or Berkeley for that matter.

Students are upset that the new seats will obscure the viewing up on "Tightwad Hill," a hill outside the stadium where people gather to watch the game from afar for free. To stop this, a Cal Grad, Dan Sicular, has been getting people to sign petitions and has even traveled to a regents meeting to deliver the signatures. Berkeley is planning to sue to keep the renovations from happening, citing the usual process-related reasons. They're mainly upset that the all of this is being done on a fault. That would be bad. They are actually okay with mainly upgrades to renovate the stadium but only if other parts of the plan are moved elsewhere. As for the tree-hugging hippies, all you need to know about them is that one of them chose the tree they're camping on because a jay landed on it.

The entire issue will be addressed tomorrow at a meeting of the UC Regents. We expect them to announce a move to Concord.