Nothing definitive yet on the missing Noe Valley family. Parents James and Kati Kim were traveling back from Washington in the family station wagon (license plate DOESF) with daughters Penelope and Sabine when they disappeared a week ago today on the way to the Tu Tu Tun Lodge on the Oregon coast. The weather was reported to have been very bad that Saturday.

The latest news is that they have a confirmed sighting of the family at a Denny's in Roseburg, Oregon last Saturday night, along with a credit card receipt. A search of Curry County (the location of the Tu Tu Tun Lodge) by Black Hawk helicopters and snowmobiles has turned up nothing so far. The search is now turning towards the roads off Highway 42 instead.

They're also searching cell phone logs -- the last call made from James Kim's cell was at around 3 p.m. on Saturday, and the call the family made to the inn seems to have been from a landline. Their car wasn't equipped with GPS, unfortunately, which would have made it easier to trace.

Here's hoping the Kims are okay -- earlier this week, there was that other couple in the South Bay who was missing for about a week too, and they were found totally fine.

You can also watch YouTube footage of James from his job at