Noc Noc is the establishment. At 557 Haight (between Fillmore and Steiner) some industrious folks have created a room to satisfy your inner Flintstone, er, your inner Flintstone hopped up on heroin speedballs, that is. Noc Noc is quite possibly the most unique place to drink beer and/or wine you've ever been to. Seemingly carved out of Mother Earth herself, with Frank Gehry and Dalí throwing in a few shots for good luck, there are no corners for you to cower into. Nooks, yes; recesses, perhaps; niches in which to Romeo your Juliet, um, yeah!

Wondering at which point the designers of the place robbed the latest Tim Burton movie set, we felt oddly comfortable along the center table, thinking that we were doing better than the folks sprawled out on the floor on thin cushions, giving us reason to believe it is in fact acceptable to be lying on your back in a social establishment outside of the Power Exchange.

SFist Nico, contributing.