We are really in no position to judge Gavin Newsom for wearing the same blue tie to numerous events, since we wear black pants and a gray sweater like every single day of the week -- but thanks to commenter Richmond Dem for giving us the idea of putting together a Gavin Newsom Blue Tie collage! Yeah, we know, after we finished it, we were like, wow, this is a little sick on our part.

There are 30 separate pictures in the collage (and plenty more we didn't include out there on the web), and we tried to pick pictures from different events (though it's possible Gavin did two photo ops in one day wearing the same tie). Those of you who don't believe us, check out the mayor's homepage, which features Gavin wearing our favorite tie to three different events.

It's possible that Gavin has two similarly-hued ties, one silver-blue and one a more blue-gray, which look more or less equivalent on a computer screen. Also -- the other ties that Gavin seems to favor: a red tie and a dark blue and white striped one.