Congratulations, Ed Jew! He wasn't even considered a factor when the Chron covered the race, and now he's the first person in SF RCV history to come from behind (2nd place) to win the election in overtime.

So coming in after the election, the top four candidates were (in order): Ron Dudum, Ed Jew, Jaynry Mak, and Doug Chan. Doug Chan was the mayor's pick, Jaynry Mak worked for Fiona Ma (the current Supervisor and now Assembly rep), and Ron and Ed were considered the more conservative candidates. The question was whether the Chinese-American voters would vote in a bloc. So let's run the numbers and see!

Also, and this is not related to RCV -- check out this awesome Flickr picture from the Ed Jew campaign by Steve Portigal.

Numbers and analysis after the jump. Picture of Ed Jew and family from his website.