Ahhh man that felt good last night.

Playing like the playoff contender that we all want them to be, the Warriors notched their first significant victory of the season last night, polishing off the tough New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets 121-116 at the Oracle.

But hold on a second bra' you say, what about that big win this week over the Mavericks in Dallas on the night that they officially hung their 2005-2006 Western Conference Championship banner in the rafters? Was not that a significant win?

By our reckoning that was a big win, but not necessarily a significant one. It was big because Dallas did win 60 games and the Western Conference last year. But it was not significant. The Warriors beat the Mavericks three times out of four last year, including both times in Dallas. In fact, they have now won four in a row in Dallas over the last three years and seemingly own the Mavericks, for whatever reason. There's also the matter of the Mavericks being 1-4 so far this year. So it's nice to take down a big skin like the defending Western Conference champeens, but it is not a significant win because it does not represent any improvement from last year.