It was announced today that 49ers coach Bill Walsh, the architect of the Niners glory years (remember them?) has been battling leukemia for the past three weeks. Walsh said that a fungus was discovered in his lungs three weeks ago and was diagnosed with leukemia then. Since then he was fairly on the sick side of things but has since recovered. He is 73 and doing much better.

Usually at this point this is where we're supposed to give a long detailed summation of Walsh's achievements. That's what you do in the MSM. We, however, are not. We are a blog. What we are saying is that we pretty much just go with the notion that everyone knows who Walsh is, what he accomplished, what he means to the 49ers, what he means to the NFL, and what he means to the Bay Area. Suffice it to say, it is a lot. Without him, there would be no Five Superbowl victories, no dynasty, no Joe Montana, no "the Play," no West Coast offense, no Steve Young.

We wish him only the best.