Niners 9, Vikings 3-- In all honesty, we didn't watch any of this game. We went to see Borat instead. And you know what we thought of the movie? It was fine but we're a little concerned in that for the next month or so ,everyone will be going around saying "high five" or "very nice" or even "va-GINA" in that faux-accent of his. Fear it. You want to know why we think David Chappelle went crazy? Because everywhere he went, every white guy would go up to him and either say "I'm Rick James, bitch" or the L'il Jon impression. It would drive anyone crazy. We're pretty sure the Bush administration uses it at Guantanomo.

Oh yeah, the game. After pretty much being insulted and vilified by everyone for sucking the big suck, the Niners D came up big. They held the Vikes TD-less, sacked Vikes QB three times, and held the Vikes to a measly 238 yards. Very nice. Oh Giod-- even we can't stop it. The D even held as the Vikings rallied with two-minutes less. Unfortunately, the O wasn't so good as they only got 133 yards.

God, this game sounded boring.

On a side note, we dug the throw-back unis and wish the Niners went back to wearing those outfits. Anyone else notice the team hasn't been the same since they switched?