After vetoing Mirkarimi's foot patrol proposal on Friday, Gavin Newsom skipped on over to the Red Tie Gala at Neiman-Marcus, to benefit St. Anne's Home for the elderly poor in the Lake District, run by the Little Sisters of the Poor. Hope those Sisters don't need foot patrols!

And sad news for young Brittanie Mountz -- Gavin's got a new plus-one on his arm. Our source identifies her as actress Jennifer Siebel. According to IMDB, Ms. Siebel is above the drinking age (32, to be precise), is a Stanford Business School grad, and is breaking out with small roles in major films (playing "Younger Woman In Market" in Something's Gotta Give, and "Receptionist" in Rent.) Here's her bio if you're interested.

We look forward to our intrepid readers finding out more about Ms. Siebel (a MySpace page? Voter registration forms? Haircut status?) -- and meanwhile, we'll ready up the Name That Couple contest surveys one more time! Gaviffer? Siebelsom? Oh, the possibilities!

Picture by Drew Altizer.