But what will this mean for those of us who like to peruse YouTube at work for things like Journey's "Separate Ways" video or the "Mah Nah Mah Nah" song when bored at work? So far nothing. Both companies say they've been working on ways to integrate technology and that it'll be a snap to do. Some analysts even say it'll be great for YouTube to be bought by Google and not just because the people who started it are now filthy rich. That's because YouTube is on the cusp of having major copyright legal issues thrown their way and since Google has already been there, done it, they could help them along.

And hey, what does it say about the stock market that this news sent stocks up even though North Korea just blew up a nuclear bomb? We maybe about to go to war with North Korea (or is that Iran?) but at least we'll be rich doing so.

But the big question now has to be asked: Should we call the new company GoogleTube or YouGle?