Bullshead has big shoes to fill: it occupies the space of Tallula, the Indian-fusion restaurant in the heart of the Castro. Tallula was such a sophisticated, refined place that the big shoes were more like size 7 Manolo Blahniks, but it is still an uphill battle for any new tenant.

We checked out on the Tallula web site, and it's still alive. We even found a new blog with, for now, one single Lorem ipsum post. Either chef Harveen Khera is a fan of Cicero, and recites it on her blog in Latin, or it is a place holder for better content in the future.

We feel somewhat the opposite regarding Bullshead: the more appropriate content for the place was in the past, in the previous Tallula's incarnation. The space is a multi-level restaurant, with a mezzanine on top of a bar, a kitchen on a half floor, a narrow staircase leading to an array of rooms upstairs, of intimate nooks and crannies. The layout begs for an intimate, hushed restaurant, with soft lighting, preferrably candles on the tables and couples whispering to each other things they would not want others to overhear.