So MUNI claims that your morning commute from the Sunset should be okay today, after yesterday's debacle in the Twin Peaks tunnel. Turns out there was indeed a derailment (of an L train, at 7:50 a.m.) in the tunnel, and the initial reports of an electrical problem were incorrect. Also, it turns out that this was the second derailment on MUNI in seven days. Where was the first derailment?

According to MUNI spokesman Alan Siegel (what happened to Maggie Lynch?),

Basically what happened is a piece from a car, in front of the L car, evidently fell off on the track. When the next car came through, the second of a two-car train, is when the problem started.

No one on the derailed L was injured, and (ironically enough) they were transferred to a train ahead of them and made it to their destinations on time. MUNI crews didn't manage to get that derailed L out of the tunnel until 4:27 p.m.

Meanwhile, the MUNI shuttle buses of doom ran late and were overcrowded; the local news was replete with sad stories of people delayed to various appointments as a result.

How's your commute today, folks? Any residual problems? Any good stories to share?