The movie basically follows the contestants who try out to be the host of the brand new Israeli Playboy channel. This apparently was a big deal but we get no sense of just how big of a deal it was. Not even brought up is all the religious edicts and debates that most have happened at the time. This was frustrating to us as we wanted to see it to get a bigger sense of what was going on, but as we said, we realized towards the end that it isn't really the point.

Instead, what the point is to show just what it is that drives these people to want to be the host. We meet most of the contestants and most of the documentary is your standard reality TV show fare-- we get interviews with the contestants, watch them deal with fame and the pressures of the competition, meet family members, etc. Most of this movie, in fact, comes off as something you see on like BRAVO or TLC 24 hours a day.