Or DO we?

Previously on "How to Get the Guy," "Party Girl" Kris needed to get more serious about her dating habits by going out with someone who talked about more than sour candy. Enter Josh. Alissa, "The Dreamer," needed to date outside her comfort zone, and did so by dating Jersey Joey. "Career Girl" Michelle was "used to intimidating guys with her success," until Sean came along. And Anne, the "Girl Next Door," went from no dates to too many dates. Tonight, these girls are "going to learn what chemistry is all about!" Oh no. Is there going to be a lab with this class? Are we going to need to buy lab books? What's the extra credit?

"Chapter Four: Chemistry." The love coaches are strolling along the Embarcadero talking about dopamine, pheromones, and going crazy. Teresa says you can't create or control chemistry. JD ponders how one knows when you have chemistry. Teresa says, "If you have to ask...you don't!" And then they put on their safety goggles and walk on their merry way.

Treat her like, got to got to treat her like...You got to treat her like a la-day, she give into you.