While at times funny and entertaining, the movie seemed to shy away from the provocative sensationalism of his earlier work, which may have something to do with Clark's difficulty getting US distribution for 2002's Ken Park. Still, for those of you who love his sensual, lingering shots of barely-clothed jailbait, you won't walk away disappointed. After the title card, we meet Jonathan, the main character, who discusses his friends and their sexual experiences while sitting on his bed in boxer shorts.

For the rest of the movie, we follow Jonathan and his crew of skater punk friends on an odyssey from the ghetto to Beverly Hills, where they clash with caricatures of rich Los Angeles society. Encounters with ersatz Hilton sisters, cops, Clint Eastwood and the real Janice Dickenson turn violent. Lots of time is spent cruising on skateboards (and we mean lots of time). All set to the scream of guitars and a pulsing punk rock beat laid down by local bands and the kids themselves.

After the jump, we sat down with Clark for a few minutes to discuss the fashion world, New York versus LA and race and class in America.