While the owner, Kevin Reed, promises everything will be on the up-and-up and that he's learned his lessons from his previous club, neighbors aren't so sure. Among other things, there's the whole fact that the Wharf is mainly for tourists and what will all those people from Kansas think when they see all the potheads running around? It is a rather strange place to put a dispensary in that, as we all know, nobody from SF goes to the Wharf anyways. On the other hand, the Wharf is actually easier to handle while on drugs. And the Wharf does contain within it God's Gift to Stoners-- Hooters. No, we're just joking, we mean In N' Out Burger of course. Mmmm....double double... Also of concern are common complaints against these pot clubs-- double parking, crime, riff-raff, wafting pot smoke, a lot of non-healthy looking people hanging around, and too much Phish.

The Times story points out the great paradox to all this, that everyone in the city is pretty rah-rah when it comes to medicinal marijuana, but not so much when it means them moving in next door. They also snark on the fact that everyone in SF blames Oakland for all this mess. Hey, snarking on the SF is our job.

The permit for the place is yet to be voted on, but if it passes, Reed hopes to open up in August, just in time to sign us up for a marijuana permit as our back has been killing us lately (mmm....Double Double). If it does open, look for Reed to start selling "Alcatraz Swim Team" sweatshirts made out of hemp?