Still without a clear idea of what Chris Mullin and company think the identity of this team is, Warrior nation breathlessly awaits (reg. req.) the results of today's NBA draft. With the 9th and 38th picks, there's a chance the Warriors could come away with a missing piece of the puzzle.

But staff writer Geoff Lepper reports that when "asked to put a percentage value on the chances that the No.9 pick will make it to October training camp as a Warrior, Mullin demurred, saying, 'I couldn't answer that now. It's total speculation.'" That's confidence inspiring.

Who Mullin selects should be determined by what type of team he is trying to build, but therein lies the rub: what type of team is he trying to build? A high-flying fast break team? A half-court grinder? A team built around defense?

After a Q&A with less specifics than a Scott McClellan press briefing, we still don't know! Mullin doesn't have to tell us exactly who he wants to draft, but he could at least give us a detailed description of the type of team he wants to build. Otherwise, it just looks like the same old Warriors' game plan: draft the "best available player," muddle through another season of mismatched parts, flub a lottery pick, repeat.

We're sure the problem is that Mully just isn't getting enough opinions or input about who to take with the team's two picks. To give him a hand, we've drawn up a little primer that he can use to guide him through tomorrow's Kobiashimaru.

Top-secret photo of Warriors' hi-tech draft selection determination device from the San Luis Valley (CO) Museum Association.