Bay Blogger alum The Legal Reader's got quite a claim to fame now -- he helped capture Darren Mack, that guy in Reno who stabbed his wife, shot the family court judge that ruled against him, and then fled to Mexico. Dang, the Blotter does .

So an innocuous post of the Reader's from 2004, about George Bush's bad federal judicial nominees, somehow turned into one of the top places for people to post comments about Nevada state judge Chuck Weller. Oh, the Internet really is magic. Anyhow, when Mack shot Judge Weller, the comments page (much like Mack himself) totally took off.

Looks like law enforcement reads the Internets too -- in reading the comments, the Reno police and the FBI noticed that the Reader had two comments from a person calling himself "Mark" who posted a lot of information about Mack's finances, and accidentally referred to Mack as "I" in the body of the text. Doh! After some hand-wringing, the Reader decided to voluntarily give commenter Mark's IP address to the feds (which indicated a location in Mexico or Latin America). Shortly afterwards, Mack surrendered -- from Puerto Vallarta.

Now that Mack's been caught, our next burning question is: how like Reno 911! were the cops, Legal Reader?