Now, we all know where we are going with this: the last Figaro on the SF Opera stage was Nathan Gunn, in the Barber, a role he'll take again this Fall. Nathan is some serious eye candy who cannot keep a shirt on for more than 20 minutes. We like to keep our audience as happy as any Maxim reader, so we promise some gratuitous sexy pictures of him after the jump. We could not find pictures of the alternate cast, so Nathan will do.

The current Figaro opens the opera with his shirt off, so the comparison arises quite naturally. And maybe John Relyea, the main Figaro in this summer series, is able to sustain said comparison. Alternate cast member Christopher Feigum, whom we saw last week, shares with Nathan a voice which prefers musicality over power, but the abs: not exactly.

Picture of Claudia Mahnke (Cherubino) by Terrence McCarthy, SF Opera. Barely safe for work photo of Nathan Gunn by Larry Merkle