Our own Dianne Feinstein continues to put her own stamp on Congress' annual "Seersucker Thursday" tribute to Southern style. Not since the last "Jeans Day" at their local Catholic High School has this country seen such a gang of folks giddy about a short-term change in dress expectations, and DiFi keeps the fun rolling with her gift of seersucker suits to her female colleagues in the senate.

She (or more accurately, we suspect, her hapless assistant -- seriously, can you imagine having to do this for your boss?) picked up the suits at Brooks Brothers 2 years ago, for the rock-bottom sale price of $150. We're sure that pricepoint had nothing to do with the fact that seersucker kinda looks like ass unless you're presenting arguments in the Scopes Trial or something.

See our elected seersuckers in action here, and do take a moment to luxuriate in this forever pink shot of Senator Rick Santorum, above, that we found on Princess Sparkle Pony's Photoblog. And, until next year, see ya, suckers!