Video geeks are descending on San Francisco this weekend for Vloggercon 2006 (or 'video blogger conference' if you're not a fan of tech neologisms). It was inspired by Webzine and the original Vloggercon in New York City last year. The daytime events at the Swedish American Hall are booked solid, but tonight there will be a "Meet the Vloggers" event at the Apple Store which is open to the public (likely followed by drinks at the House of Shields), and there are plenty of other satellite events.

Friend of SFist and Geek Entertainment Television superstar Irina Slutsky will be MCing on Saturday along with Echoplex Park's Schlomo Rabinowitz, so we asked her what she's looking forward to:

Mostly I want to be on the mic. Schlomo and I are emceeing on Saturday, so we get to do the whole "who's on first, jew's on second" schtick that comes so naturally to us. Which means we try to keep the boring parts funny and the fun parts running smoothly. And Schlomo is in charge of making me be quiet when it's time. I'm also "in charge" of the press, which means they get to come in if they promise to write about us and spell my name properly. I'm looking for talent too -- I want to see who is good for some ideas we have for future. Or just cute boys I can pretend to interview with the camera off to save batteries for real work.
Her GETV colleague Eddie Codel added, "If I can walk away with some new ideas and inspiration I'll be more than happy. I see this as a chance to rub brains with other creative video types." So if you've got a video camera, or want to take a shot at being the next viral superstar on YouTube, come to the party! Or at least check out some of the content that'll be uploaded and discussed over the course of the weekend.