Eve Batey: While I’m asking what you’re going to do for money now, of course I also want to know –

Nathaniel Ford: Increase patronage!

EB: Well, yeah!

NF: Increase our patronage, and part of that is, speeding the system up. And that was in the SPUR Report, you know, how do we make it faster? Again, the Transit Effective is study, will achieve that and tell us what we need to do. However, that’s an 18-month process –

EB: And that study's being performed by an outside agency?

NF: Well, what we’ve done is hire an outside consultant to do that work for us. It’s a work between the Controller’s office and the MTA. We’re the two sponsors to get this work done. The challenge, though, you know, is to do it right, it takes around 18 months, and then after it’s over – well, during the 18 months you’re getting professional involvement, professional examination, we’re getting the community’s involvement, so when it’s done in 18 months, we’ll have a product that says what this system should look like to optimize it, but then you apply, I think, the political filter, the community filter on it, and we may need to make some adjustments, but we were doing the same thing in Atlanta.

Image of the proposed Geary BRT