Today's Bike To Work Day, and Gavin Newsom, poised on his bike at the Ferry Building, good-naturedly joked to KCBS that "I'm a pathetic politician that only does this once a year. . . . I know a lot of people today because of that bike closure veto [for Golden Gate Park] will want to knock me over." For his pains, he got a free tote bag from the SF Bike Coalition, which sponsored various "energizer stations" around the city for the folks going on two wheels. (Note: it does not appear that Newsom was in fact attacked by anyone, Critical Mass supporter or otherwise.) The Bike Coalition is also sponsoring a party, called "Bike Away From Work" from 5-7 p.m. tonight, at 111 Minna. Valet bike parking provided!

Does anyone remember the year when Willie Brown's Bike To Work Day entourage was hit by a motorcyclist ignoring a traffic officer? Man, we wish we'd been blogging back then.

Picture of Gavin riding to work in 2004, from