Anyways, the bill has made it through the California Assembly Rules Committee which voted to approve the bill so they can consider it later. Huh? Actually, the vote was to amend a previous bill and to add to it. Or something like that. We really have no idea what the hell is going on. We do know that the measure was sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood) and was given a vote of "yay!" by others on the committee, including our very own Mark Leno. Illinois and New Hampshire are also considering similar bills. In response, a Republican member of the Assembly sent an e-mail wondering what's next for the Dems: "Creating a state commission to investigate UFOs landing at Area 51? Setting aside funds to investigate whether Elvis Presley is alive and well and living in California?" Well, first of all, hell yes to an investigation into Area 51. Second of all, this comes from someone who's party is currently arguing that the two biggest threats our nation faces right now are gay people getting married and the singing of the National Anthem in Spanish.

Oh, and while Nancy put the kibosh on all this impeachment talk, John Conyers, the House Democrat who has called for impeachment proceedings to begin and would chair the House committee if the Dems do take over the House in November, says in today's Washington Post that impeachment might not happen, but let's just take a little looksee as it were. And one of those Democratic pundit types writes a big story in the Washington Monthly this week saying that Democrats should just come out and say they're going to investigate the President since they pretty much are going to anyways. But, of course, that would mean having to take a stand.