It looks like Bud Selig's Barry Bonds voodoo doll is working as last night, before the Giants 2-0 victory over the Brewers, Barry was bonked on the head by a foul ball in batting practice. After all, having Barry hit 715 in the Home of Bud would be the worst possible PR debacle, not to mention total karma. The ball was hit by rookie Kevin Fransden, already making a name for himself with his bone-headed base-running blunders and propensity for being hit by pitches, who joked that he was expecting his locker to be cleared out after batting practice was over. The whole thing was so weird and out-of-nowhere that nobody reacted or did anything until Barry went down on the ground and was treated by the Giants' trainers.

Bruce Jenkins' writes that with Barry two behind the Babe, the Curse of the Bambino is rearing it's ugly head again. Deadspin, meanwhile, goes with the obvious "Seinfeld" reference and jokes that it's further proof that Barry's got a big head. We tried looking for the video of it, but couldn't find one. KTVU, however, does have the entire thing in freeze-frame style.

While Milwaukee fans have been rather mellow in their Bonds hating, up next is Philadelphia, a place that makes the Lion's Den seem like a quant little tea party. There's an actual internet campaign brewing in Philly to have fans head for the concession stands every time Barry is at bat. We'd like to see that actually, as we all know deep down, everybody wants to see the dude hit. Besides, having been to the stadium in Philly, we know that most of the concession stands, or at least the super-important one's (read super yummy Rick's Cheese Steaks) is so close to the field of play that people in line occasionally have to dart out of the way of home run balls. We're not sure if heading to those concession stands would count.