Before we delve into what happened last week, we must share with you some exciting news: Bravo's Top Chef has been renewed! (Hat tap to our very own Rain, TYVM) . Huzzah! Thus, rather than our usual practice of begging you to watch as to keep the show on the air, we'll just encourage you to do so because it's a damned good show. And, hey, it's here in San Francisco! (Though there's no indication yet where next season will take place).

So, the quickfire challenge. Ah, yes, this delightful pre-challenge used to grant immunity; but no longer. This time, in fact, it could have led to the winner's downfall. The task? Come up with a Pan-Asian catering menu for the wedding of Scott and Scott (see! The show needs to stay in San Francisco, people!). The winner? Lee Anne ("I'm the only real Asian in the room," says she), with a menu that held "Peking Beef" as the signature dish.

So here's the rub -- the group must team up to create this very menu for the wedding . . . which is happening in 16 hours. ACK!

Number one on Lee Anne's "let's simplify" strategy -- use pre-made cake mix. Most of the group agrees; the diabolical Stephen dissents. "Mediocrity is not my game," says Sinestro. Of course, he doesn't think an all-nighter will be necessary either. Hello, Earth to Steph-o . . . you're the one that takes like an hour to fold up each and every dumpling.

It turns out that the guest judge is Marcy Bloom, "Wedding Planner to the Stars." Gag. Host Katie Lee Joel mentions that Bloom planned her wedding. Yes, you are married to the Piano Man. Cap'n Jack gets you high tonight and takes you to a special island. We get it.

"Today, we've replaced our usual cake recipe with this store-bought mix." Photo borrowed from Bravo's Top Chef site