We must admit we're kind of fascinated, in the bad way, by people who steal babies and pretend the babies are theirs. It intrigues the same part of our brain that reads stories about cat hoarders. This probably says something very bad about us, doesn't it? (On the bright side, none of our friends will ever ask us to baby-or cat-sit for them ever again.)

In San Jose, a 3-month-old baby from Reno has been recovered after a family friend "borrowed" him in a weird scam. The parents, visiting Tulare, hired a friend of a friend to babysit for a day. The sitter then borrowed a car from her church, ran off to Morgan Hill, found an ex-boyfriend getting out of jail on a public intoxication charge, said she'd had his baby, and made like the baby was hers when meeting her ex's family.

Turns out the sitter has a criminal record, and the authorities found a large number of diapers in the back of her car, indicating that she probably wasn't planning on returning the child.

The baby, reunited with his actual mother, from ABC30 in Fresno.