Sorry to be crude. "Red vs Blue," if you're not familiar, is sort of sketch-comedy series made by dubbing dialogue on top of pre-scripted game footage. We'd estimate that Sunday night's screening was only about 30% funny, 70% waiting-for-funny. Ouch. RottenTomatoes informs us that this ratio of good-to-bad is shared by such smash hits as and The Shaggy Dog. Ouch ouch. Nevertheless, the audience was tolerant and engaged, with periodic chuckles; sort of like how people behave when they get together to watch old home videos that they've seen many times before.

After the jump: a slightly hostile Q&A, and two guys from the "RvB" team (we didn't catch their names, and can't think of any reason why we'd care to look them up) admit that they have no plans to exhibit their work theatrically. SO WHAT ARE WE DOING IN A GODDAMN THEATER?

Failure to Launch