Because we are short and had a less than ideal seat in the packed theater, we are still wondering about much of the dialogue in . We didn’t need to be able to read the subtitles, though, to be taken in by this mesmerizing film, transporting us from one end of Cuba to another. We understand why this film has been called magical. Anyone who’s been a kid and has been faced with the prospect of moving can relate to the devastation felt by best friends Jorgito and Malu, also like brother and sister. When Malu is threatened with deserting not only Jorgito, but her home, Cuba, and, as far as Malu is concerned, her life, the two take matters into their own hands.

What follows is a heartwarming, dreamlike journey with Jorgito and Malu, complete with very lively stargazing, threatening guijas, and a trek through parts of Cuba that we had never seen in photograph or film before. We weren’t the only ones moved by Jorgito and Malu’s adventures – the effect that it had on their families left us feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

Because we attended a special family showing, we were prepared for a theater full of Jorgitos and Malus. We don’t think we saw a single child, though. Hmmm.

Viva Cuba screens at the Kabuki again on Monday at 9 p.m. and Tuesday at 1 p.m.

By Contributing SFist Wendy Hill

Viva Cuba