We didn't expect a Craigslist Encounters entry would ever quote Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, but then again, we didn't think that Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster would ever need to quote scripture to defend Craigslist. However, just that situation occured during last week's Easter festivities.

As reported, a few Mary Magdalenes were hoping to turn a some tricks on Easter using Craigslist to advertise. CEO Jim's response, which we were unable to find in totality on the internet, did both manage to contain the above mentioned gospel and give us here at SFist a smile. It's not everyday that a man with CEO before his name attacks those who judge women with loose morals as "small minded hypocrites."

What we found most interesting, however, was that ten days before the above story another Craigslist article appeared in the same newspaper, written by the same reporter. This time, the article was about two people who were robbed at gunpoint when responding to a Craigslist for sale ad. Then, on February 27th, the same reporter wrote "Craigslist sex ads hit the 'burbs" and on February 26th, "Young, sexy, willing' ply trade online; Cars, couches and hookers for sale on Hub's Craigslist."

We here at SFist are way too cheap to purchase each of the articles, but we don't think it much of a stretch, given the above titles, to believe that they don't paint Craigslist in the perfect light of perfection. Needless to say, we were also unable to find that anything that the above reporter wrote which cast Craigslist in a good light. Though we are pretty lazy and didn't do much more than search
the Newspaper's Web page.

Naturally, the question of what the above author has against Craigslist comes to mind...

SFist Nick, contributing. Image from www.leatherbooks.info

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