Of course, it wouldn't be Apple without that sense of smug self-superiority, so we're glad to see the company got some digs in on the sidebar of its Boot Camp website: accusing Windows of operating in the last century, and reminding users how Windows machines are plagued by viruses.

MacWorld has the FAQs about running XP on a Mac, some benchmarks that indicate the process works pretty well, and speculation on how this will affect Mac gaming. There's plenty more speculation as to how this will affect Mac market share in general, including a MacUser/USA Today debate. And Ars Technica reported on the folks at Apple Matters who are taking the role of French Canadiens in the issue, refusing to let their beautiful Macs be sullied by something as gauche as Windows XP. Also getting a lot of attention is the Parallels Workstation, which allows Intel Macs to run Windows without the need for a reboot.

All the news and speculation and debate just leaves us in the lab with one question: anybody want to buy our used PowerBook G4?

After the jump: more bitter rivalries set aside, featuring the other Apple, and TiVo.